Installing Accessible Wet Rooms in East London

In terms of convenience, it’s easy to see why wet rooms are increasingly popular in the home. As the name suggests, they’re rooms where anything can get wet, but they’re also easy to maintain and an accessible bathroom option for users with limited mobility. J & S Turton Ltd provides high-quality wet room installations in east London.

How It Works

A wet room is basically a sealed bathroom with tanked walls and floors, which means they are sealed with waterproof layers of matting. This prevents any water from getting out. Usually, a sloping floor ensures adequate drainage for any excess water.

The advantages of having a wet room are manifold, but from a practical point of view, they reinforce the existing waterproofing of your bathroom, which may ordinarily be prone to leaks and other related problems. Wet rooms are not only waterproof but also damp-proof, preventing structural damage by moisture.


Accessibility is a factor for many people, particularly those who may have restricted movement needs such as those with disabilities or the elderly. Wet rooms are usually concentric to the main shower, providing easy access and removing the need for a shower tray and other fixtures that may cause difficulties.

Easy to Clean

There’s no need for time-consuming cleaning and maintenance when you have a wet room. Usual household cleaners ought to get the job done on all surfaces, eliminating mould, and keeping everything sterile and clean.

A spacious Solution

Our wet room installations are ideal for smaller bathrooms. If the bath takes up too much space, just remove it and open up the room completely. There are all kinds of options and possibilities available to you when you choose J & S Turton Ltd.

What Our Customers Say

“This is the 2nd time we have used J & S Turton. Their work was completed to a high standard. Everyone working for the company was courteous, tidy, and arrived on time. Jeff Turton would visit daily to check the work was progressing well and promptly returned all calls. We have never had any problems with the work.”

- Kenneth Cochran

“Fantastic company to work with if I could give these guys 6 stars I would. Thank you very much J & S Turton for all your hard work.”

- Gary Jackson

Contact us now and discover an accessible bathroom solution with our wet room installation services in East London.

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