Power Flushing for Your Central Heating System in East London

Combat the build-up of rust or debris in your central heating system with power flushing from J & S Turton Ltd in east London. This deep cleaning treatment uses special chemicals and water pressure on your whole system, getting rid of any blockages and keeping your boiler in good working condition.

Clearing Blockages

If you don’t deal with problems inside your central heating system, like sludge or debris, they will eventually cause corrosion and even a complete boiler breakdown. Power flushing enables you to prolong the life of your system by having it serviced regularly. Requirements will vary based on the components of your boiler, but on average, power flushing need only be carried out every 5 to 6 years.

Power flushing is also vital before the installation of a new boiler. If your old boiler is blocked in any way and you fail to remove any existing damage and material that has accumulated in the pipework, you risk contaminating the new system as well. We are happy to provide this service for domestic customers, offering quality work and advice wherever we’re needed.

Warning Signs

It is easy to spot signs that you will require power flushing:

Warning Signs

  • Cold Areas on Radiators

  • Too Much Noise Coming from The Boiler or Heating Pump

  • Dirty Water When Radiators Are Bled

  • Water Takes a Long Time to Warm up

  • Cloudy Limescale Water Coming Out of Taps

  • Radiators Are Cold but Your Pipes Are Hot

What Our Customers Say

“They were polite from the very start, they did a great job and I would recommend them to anyone.”

- Mr. Griffiths

“Very helpful and efficient service. Pleasant people to deal with.”

- Mr. Peter Wallen

Contact us now to speak with engineers in east London and determine whether your central heating system requires power flushing.

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